Works everywhere, on every single device.

* Ciracdran works with Apple Watch Series 1 to 6 with watchOS 6.0 and above

* Ciracadran doesn’t work with Apple Watch 1st generation (2015) also known as Serie 0

Apple Watch Serie 5

Apple Watch Serie 3


We care about your device optimizations

Circadran is designed with the concern to use only what is necessary to allow your device to maintain its full performance, especially in terms of data bandwidth and energy.


Privacy : none of your data is collected

The data relating to the human body and health to be the most personal. We consider them to be outside legal commerce. So, Circadran works without any personal data being collected.


User friendly with great experience

Circadran has been designed with an intuitive and minimalist interface to allow easy access to all functionalities.

For Men & Woman

Circadian cycle of men and women is not the same

Some circadian differences could be noted between women and men. Circadian rhythm would be faster in women than in men. It appears that women are 2.5 times more likely than men to have a Circadian rhythm of less than 24 hours. Circadran takes this data into account to calculate for each user an appropriate circadian cycle.

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BMI calculator

Body Mass Index (BMI), is the only index validated by the World Health Organization. Circadran perform an automatic calculation of the BMI, whose result is accessible at a glance. Circadran perform an automatic calculation of the BMI, whose result is accessible at a glance.

Calculate your body mass index in few steps

BMI can be determined about some morphological characteristics which may be entered in either metric or English measurement.

Set your height & weight to get your BMI

Choose your gender & set your birth date

Keep track of progress


Body Mass Index (BMI) is very important for healthy and longevity

In particular, by measuring Underweight (thinness), Overweight, Obesity type I (Moderate obesity), Obesity type II (Severe obesity), Obesity type III (Morbid or massive obesity)

Circadian processor

Calculation of the circadian cycle, which is specific to each individual, is totally taken care of by Circadran

Body dashboard

Circadran displays each metabolic phase in real time throughout the day

Circadran allows the user to know at any time where his body is situated.

Optimizing every moment of your day in harmony with your personal circadian cycle

With Circadran you will no longer mistreat your body by asking it to perform in your cycle phases physiologically unfavourable

Health kit

When a user provides permission for Circadran to use health and activity data to their Health app, Circadran becomes a valuable data source to centralize and compute health and fitness solutions

91 bpm

Improve your health by using Circadran

The intersection of risk factors highlighted by Circadran (BMI, circadian cycle phases physiologically unfavourable…) with the information provided by the health kit such as heart rate, could be essential for the

KLF 15

Circadian rhythms govern cardiac repolarization and arrhythmogenesis

Circadran include recent research witch concludes that circadian rhythms govern cardiac repolarization and arrhythmogenesis, this is how circadian clock directly would regulate the oscillation of Krüppel-like factor 15 (Klf15) in the heart

* KLF15 function is only active when app is open

Cloud sync

Circadran uses a Cloud Synchronization module allowing the user to easily retrieve the information from his Apple watch on his iPhone and vice versa.


Circadran respects privacy in the most absolute manner: no data is collected

Pricing table

Even if health is priceless, Circadran price was designed to be cheap so that everyone could enjoy it.

For Apple watch



BMI Calculator
Circadian processor
Health kit
Krüppel-like Factor (KLF 15)
Cloud Sync

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BMI Calculator
Circadian processor
Cloud Sync

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